Production system xMost MES

The xMost MES production system meets the conditions for providing subsidies for Industry 4.0

Production system xMost MES is designed for customers with custom and/or continuous production. xMost collects production data in real time and is accessible from anywhere via a web browser. 

Because process data from machines are automatically linked to data from workers, you can use the system to evaluate both. You can also add production data from your ERP system.

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True data – that’s what’s this is about!

How to have an undistorted view of production at any time of the day or night?

Connection to machines
připojení strojů

With xMost you can monitor any electric powered machine. Data collection from production machines is performed using electrical pulses. At the same time, machines can be connected using the protocol MODBUS and SIEMENS S7.

Real-time overview
reální přehled nasbíraných dat

The system displays in real time all technological and user data collected from workplaces. Data (production status, downtime, faults, OEE, power consumption graph) can be filtered according to individual workplaces and their groups.

Historical information

All production data have a time stamp, with which you can trace back orders, downtimes, faults, errors, employee data and general technological data.

User input
uživatelská data v reálném čase

The system allows workers data input (downtime and others) into the system. Automated data collected from machines is therefore connected in real time with the employee, the order, and the specified production downtime.

preventivní údržba

Preset critical events are automatically checked in the background. These are recorded in the system, which sends an alarm (e-mail, SMS) when they are activated.

Technological data
technologická data výrobní systém xmost

All technological production data is stored with a time stamp. Technological data meaning: manufactured part, temperature, pressure, electricity consumption, speed, …

User reports
uživatelské reporty

The solution includes a reporting tool that allows you to create statistics and graphs specific to your production conditions.

Connection to external systems
komunikace s externími systémy

All data can be exchanged with external systems: ERP, MES, Attendance, WMS, …

Other examples of the xMost MES production system

Technical data

technické informace systému xMost MES
struktura xmost mes

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