We help companies streamline production using MES systems

Our production information systems help companies improve production and logistics processes and reduce costs on a daily basis.

At Bartech, we started with automatic identification systems (printers and barcode scanners, software products for label printing) for manufacturing and other companies. Over time, however, one of our main strategies has become the development and supply of production systems – MES systems.

With our solution, we have installed hundreds of machines from major Czech and foreign companies. Thanks to this, we know what problems the manufacturing companies are struggling with the most. And because we are the creators of the solution, we are not afraid to tailor the software to our customers.

Because we enjoy it. We develop the software on our own and we are appropriately proud of it. We are not standing still. Positive customer feedback drives us forward and motivates us to constantly develop the system to our mutual satisfaction.

And what are we happy about?

From how good a response xMost has in the market. We have been dealing with production systems for over 20 years, and xMost was born from the experience we gained along the way. The latest and most user-friendly versions of the original systems.

  • We sell our information system. Instead of worrying about monthly fees, you can focus on streamlining production.
  • We supply complete solutions from hardware to software and final application.
  • As part of the solution, you have the measurement of electricity consumption. This puts electricity costs under control and optimizes machine utilization.
  • Do you need a flexible solution? We will tailor xMost to you and with the help of the reporting tool (included) you can then manage your own charts yourself.

You can read more about how and why we started directly on the Bartech.cz website.

 If you want to learn more about MES systems, articles from the world of automatic identification and production systems are regularly added to our blog.

You can also find news, references and customer FAQs on our LinkedIn profile.

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