Why xMost?

Where the MES system xMost will help you?

Do you need a true overview of current and historical production?
Do you lack data for important decisions?
Is the quality of the products decreasing in your production or is the downtime increasing?

What if you had undistorted and clearly visualized data directly from the machines in time you say “production system”? Anytime, anywhere. you will optimize production, reduce downtime, increase performance and produce more efficiently.

What else does xMost have?

electricity consumption measurement

customization of the system

no regular fees

How will xMost help you?

Increase the control and efficiency of online production

The MES system xMost collects digital and technological data, which you can supplement with data from the operator (type of outage, maintenance, completed time, etc.). Result? A comprehensive picture of online production (mobile, computer, tablet), reduced downtime and increased productivity in business.

Minimize the risk of generating errors while implementing the system

A safe project is a crucial parameter when choosing a production system. That is why we divide the implementation of xMost into two stages – you will test a pilot project on real data at a selected workplace and at minimal costs, and only then will the implementation in the entire production follow.

MES systems have been a strategic area of ​​our company for over 20 years – a solution proven by many customers, from global corporations to small and medium-sized manufacturing companies.

Electricity costs under control and optimization of the use of machines on the collected data

You get control over the assets of electricity consumption, and because xMost also collects machine consumption, you can optimize machine utilization based on the data obtained.

With the deployment of xMost, you will solve the digitalization of production and preventive maintenance

You can display production documentation or manuals on the operator’s touch terminals, thus eliminating errors and digitalazing your production. Thanks to automatically sent notifications and alarms based on data collected directly from the machines, you can also solve preventive maintenance.

What other benefits can you look forward to?

No regular fees

We supply xMost ownership, so you will not pay any regular fees for using the system.

Flexibility in customizing the system

Thanks to the fact that we are the creators, we also have tailor-made development in our hands. Most often it concerns modifications of the logic displayed on the terminals for operators or specific integrations with the PLC of individual machines.

Intuitive and user-friendly interface works in 11 languages with online help on each screen

For really intuitive controls and online help on every screen.

An online production overview available from anywhere and from any device.

About the system in 11 languages.

The system xMost includes a detailed reporting tool, which you can supplement with your own graphs

You can use a lot of preset graphs and reports or add your own according to your needs in a modern tool for the presentation of your production data. The reporting tool, including the possibility of creating your own reports, is included in the price of the solution.

xMost includes standard tools for connecting to third-party systems (ERP, attendance systems, Power BI)

We also have integration scenarios ready for connection to the data layer of modern machines and their PLC protocols.

xMost is ready for a data connection with surrounding systems. We most often solve connections with ERP systems, attendance systems or reporting systems such as Power BI, etc. We also have integration scenarios prepared for connection with the data layer of modern machines and their PLC protocols.

Enables order-level traceability

With xMost you will achieve traceability at the level of each order and you will have a retrospective overview of performed operations, errors, downtime and performance on each order, all at click of a mouse.

Deployment speed in order of hours

The solution is put into pilot operation within one day, so you can take advantage of it almost immediately.

MES xMost can be financed from EU subsidy titles (Industry 4.0, Digitization, Innovation, etc.)

Our customers often use the announced subsidy titles to co-finance the implementation (Industry 4.0, Digitization, Innovation etc.).

Wondering if machine monitoring is the right solution for your business? Want to try xMost?

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